Player Tips

3 Handy questions

  1. As your character ask the NPCs if they have any assistance or advice for you.
  2. As a player ask the DM if there is anything your character might know about the situation that you as a player don’t know.
  3. As a player and a character ask the other players and their characters what they think about the situation at hand, seeking their advice and input.

I found this list handy when I played – a few things if you need a reminder before a session starts. I am sure you guys will have no need of it!

  1. Review all spells, items and abilities – what do you want to use during the coming session? Try something new?
  2. Review backgrounds – what do you want to reveal about your character this session? Look for a moment of downtime (sitting round a campfire, or during a long journey) where you can bring the revelation to your fellow party members.
  3. Review bonds, ideals and flaws – think about how these will affect the story, and your role-playing.
  4. Review your achievements/goals – think back to what your character has just achieved. How has this affected them? What does your character want to accomplish next during the session?
  5. Rules etc – got any questions or issues on rules, game play or story aspects? Ask me and I will respond before the session starts.

Player Tips

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